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imageRUNNER 2200/2800/3300
Sold Out! Supplies Available

The imageRUNNER 2200/2800/3300 offers unsurpassed performance in standalone or networked environments.

Available to lease.

GPR 6 Toner

Call 631.422.6200 for Details

Supplies and Accessories:
Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder  
Item Number: 6679A002AB,  $1,365.00

Finisher Unit
Item Number: 6664A001AA,  $1,234.00

Saddle Finisher w/inner 2-way tray
Item Number: 6681A003AA,  $3,400.00

Puncher Unit
Item Number: 6705A002AA, $670.00

Inner 2-way tray with copy tray
Item Number: 6680A003AA, $430.00

Cassette Feeding Unit
Item Number: 6677A001AA, $1,600.00

Paper Deck
Item Number: 6678A002AA, $2,200.00

Network Multi-PDL Print Kit
Item Number: 6895A010AA, $2,300.00

Token Ring Set
Item Number: 6910A003AA, $1,020.00

Super G3 Fax Board (Currently Unavailable)
Item Number: 6981A002AA, $995.00
Envelope Feeder Attachment
Item Number: 6703A002AA, $105.00

Item Number: 7078A003AA, $243.00

Cassette (small)
Item Number: 6701A001AA, $131.00

Cassette (large)
Item Number: 6702A001AA, $131.00

Platen Cover
Item Number: 0516A002AA, $73.00

Document Tray
Item Number: 0516A002AA, $58.00

Card Reader
Item Number: 6575A001AA, $306.00

Basic Card Set
Item Number: 0500A002AA, $167.00

Card Set 1
Item Number: 0499A004AA, $153.00

Card Set 2
Item Number: 0499A005AA, $336.00

Card Set 3
Item Number: 0499A006AA, $448.00

imageRUNNER Copy Control Interface Cable
Item Number: 7096A012AA, $68.00

Accessibility Kit
Item Number: 6911A005AA, $129.00

Braille Lable
Item Number: 7518A002AA, $30.00

Accessibility Handle
Item Number: 8201A001AA, $139.00

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